Escape Dinners 

 Eat. Solve Puzzles. Be Merry. 

Eat. Solve Puzzles. Be Merry. 


We've been wracking our brains over here about how we can improve the Escape Room Experience and two things came to mind... FOOD and BOOZE. So, we're partnering up with local restaurants to offer the FULL PACKAGE. Dinner. Drinks. Finding Clues. And Solving Puzzles. 

Dates and times and differing themes will be added throughout the year. To start off we have the following dinners already planned and ready to go... 

Escape Dessert and Coffee at

The Exquisite Corpse

When: Friday, May 23rd at 7:30pm

Cost: $20

Includes: DIY Coffee and Ice Cream bar,1.5 hours of entertainment accompanying dessert. 

Where: The Exquisite Corpse 

Theme: THE LAST BOTTLE - it's been 100 years since prohibition began and it's all cycled back around in the dystopian present where the latest entertainment craze are speakeasy restaurants where guests compete against one another to win The Last Bottle.  

How to sign up: Click Here.  


Coffee & Ice Cream DIY Bar 

Enough Said. Right?