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The Photographer’s

Darkroom and Studio

You’ve had so many ads popping up on your social media and google searches for this amazing photographer in town, so many that it almost seems like you’ve been targeted. But of course, that’s just your mind playing games on you, right? You entered a contest for a free photo session and actually won! So, here you are, for your photoshoot.

Minimum of 4 players, maximum of 8

$25 a head or rent the entire room for $170


The Sunken Freighter

Based on local history, the storm of 1913 claimed over 250 lives on the Great Lakes, most of them within 100 miles of Port Huron. A group of divers has recently discovered a shipwreck from the storm and the museum is desperate for answers. You and your team have one hour of oxygen to dive the wreck and uncover the mystery of The Sunken Freighter.

Minimum of 4 players, max of 10

$25 a head or rent the whole room for $220


Murder Mystery

In 1927 the wealthy widow, Mildred Todd was murder in her mansion. There are 6 suspects and 5 weapons, can you figure out what happened?

Minimum of 2 players, max of 7

$25 a head or rent the whole room for $160

Book Murder Mystery

Under the Sea Treasure Hunt

A room designed with kid’s in mind. Both games involve tactile experiences, observation skills and communication. Ages 5-11ish welcome.

For 5-7/8 year olds select the Eye Spy game, for older kids select the Puzzle Treasure Hunt.

Minimum of 2 players, max of 8

$15-$17 a kid, price per child goes down the more kids you bring. Rent the whole room for $110.

Book Treasure Hunt Escape

Take Home Game

Rent the game and play in the comfort of your own house. The mafia hired you to solve a cold case that’s of the utmost important to them.

Cost is $110 to rent for the evening. Add $35 and we’ll deliver to your house and pick up the next day.

Rent CSI Game



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay when I get there or do I have to reserve ahead of time?

To secure your time slot you need to register and pay ahead of time, our rooms book up fast in the evenings and on weekends, so to make sure you get the best time slot, you’ll to need to register and pay ahead of time.

Are there age limits?

Great question. We do  allow 10 - 13/14 year olds with a parent present in our adult rooms. High school age kids can come without an adult (as long as an adult signs the waiver for them before entering the room)

Our kid’s Under the Sea Treasure Hunt room is for ages 5-11ish.

Is it scary?

While the Murder Mystery room is a little bit creepy (you ARE solving a murder case) and The Photographer’s Darkroom has some creepy photos in it, neither are jump out at you scary. The Sunken Freighter and the Kid’s Only Room are not scary at all.

What are the room capacities?  

  1. Murder Mystery - medium room, minimum of 2 participants, max of 7

  2. Photographer’s Darkroom and Studio- hardest room, minimum of 4 participants, max of 8

  3. The Sunken Freighter - minimum of 4, max of 10 (or 12 if private party)


I still don't get it. What is an Escape Dinner? 

An Escape Dinner is the PERFECT combination of puzzle solving and food eating all in one place. 

-You just need to show up at the restaurant with an appetite, your thinking cap and a few friends. 

-We’ll seat you, explain the rules and begin the game. 

-We’ll have servers to take your orders and bring your food and drinks. 

-We’ll have a special host to entertain and give you hint

Why do you have a waiver?

Due to the nature of our business, we’re classified as an amusement center, we must have a waiver in place. There is nothing in the rooms that should cause you any harm.

We also have the waiver in place to serve as a non-disclosure agreement, meaning you are agreeing to you keep our room a secret, you are not allowed to take pictures or videos or recordings of any kind inside of the escape room.

Lastly, we take your picture at the end of the game and we love to post these on our social media pages, this also serves as our photo release.